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Sound Initiative recognizes the need to create equity and access. Our mission is to bring together two groups of music enthusiasts, Music Makers and Music Representatives to develop a new type of organization to provide tools and resources for Black Music Makers seeking to get their music successfully placed in media. 


At SI, we call the talented group of the creators who make music, Music Makers. This includes songwriters, composers, lyricists, musicians and producers. We have developed different programs to assist Music Makers with their level of need and experience. 

Up-and-Coming ​​

Just starting to understand the business - licensing & publishing with no prior or current dealings


Familiar with music licensing and publishing and may already have a team. 


Has a strong foundation in the industry and a portfolio of syncs. 


Music Representatives are seasoned music business professionals such as publishers, third party licensors, labels, libraries or supervisors who influence or are responsible for music synch placements.

As an Ally to Sound Initiative, you pledge to encourage diversity, demonstrate empathy, and challenge SI Music Makers. You will take on Music Maker relationships and commit to creating a champion community with hopes of significantly increasing the number of opportunities for Black Music Makers in the film & tv world. 

Music Reps
Drum & Symbol
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